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Here at The Little Green Flower Company, Eucalyptus is our most used & requested foliage. We love it - from its unique colour to its beautifuly fragrant scent!


We love to use Eucalyptus in a number of ways; added to other arrangements or styled on its own, it adds a minimalist, natural boho vibe to any room. This foliage also dries beautifully so it's something (if looked after correctly) that you will be able to keep and re-use.  You can also use this versatile foliage in the shower too. By hanging the Eucalyptus upside down, the warmth & steam of the shower will release the natural oils and aromas of the Eucalyptus. Perfect for when you're feeling a little stuffy to help open your airways.


Perfect as a little treat for you & your home, or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one!

Large Eucalyptus Bunch (Cinera Variety)


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    From one of our gorgeous eco-friendly cards to a lovingly, locally made candle? 

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