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Well hello everyone!

It's amazing how quickly time flies. When I created my website it was with the intention of setting up our blog to run alongside the website where I could post regular updates, share our day-to-day running, flower/plant care tips & DIY projects. However, the intention is about as far as it got during our set-up (and a global pandemic!).

So I am finally here to introduce the blog & myself...

So hello! If you're not already familiar with us, I'm Georgia - the proud owner of The Little Green Flower Company and self-confessed flower and plant fanatic. We opened up just as the Covid-19 pandemic began (not ideal, we know) but ever positive we persevered and are so grateful at how our business has took off thanks to all of our lovely, supportive customers, family & friends.

The name 'The Little Green Flower Company' was born as a way to reflect our eco-friendly 'green' ethos and to also reflect our rustic, natural style and love of greenery. I am super super passionate about our green ethos. It is really important to me that I use as many plastic-free alternatives and focus on minimal packaging that is reusable in many cases and always recyclable, whilst still looking as beautiful as possible. I am constantly looking for better alternatives so that we can one day be 100% plastic/single -use free. If anyone has any suggestions then I would be super grateful...

All of my work is currently done from my at-home workshop that my husband built me earlier this year but which I seem to have outgrown.... So I am currently excitedly waiting for my new workshop to be built (still at home) I can't wait to share my new HQ when complete!

I hope you all enjoy the blog and we can't wait to share more with you all on our jour

ney here at The Little Green Flower Company!




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