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Natural & wild floral design reflective of the seasons


About Us

We founded The Little Green Flower Company due to our sheer love of flowers & nature. We found that we struggled to find naturally designed seasonal flowers & arrangements that reflected the seasons. This is something we wanted to change. Our main goal when creating our business was to create unique, seasonal floral designs in as eco-friendly ways as possible.  

Our passion for looking after the planet led us to build the company with an eco-friendly ethos in mind - hence the inclusion of 'green' in our name. Wherever possible, we try to find eco-friendly, sustainable solutions and alternatives. From using locally sourced flowers & foliage, to ensuring our packaging is as plastic free as possible. Obviously there are times as a florist when using plastic is unavoidable, however, we are always searching for eco-friendly or reusable alternatives. 

We hope you enjoy shopping with us here at The Little Green Flower Company!

with love,


If you have any questions or enquiries, or would just like more information, then please get in touch:

Mobile: 07456080897

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